Body Mass Index (BMI) and Healthy Weight Calculator

A BMI based calculation can in certain circumstances be misleading and, in its simplest form, is only useful as a guideline, but when used together with the calculations of a complete range of carefully hand picked equations and formulas, your results can help you to find a closer indication of your body's health state.

FitTrack simultaneously calculates your BMI, using an enhanced formula, Healthy Weight Range, Healthy BMI Range, Waist to Height Ratio, Percent Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Resting Metabolic Rate and Required Daily Calorie Intake, and all with a single click , to give you a richer overview of your personal body health.

Together with a deeper look into what each calculation is finding out, this web site offers 2 different versions of FitTrack : FitTrack Freeware, and FitTrack Pro.

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